Hi, I'm the personal trainer who created the program FIXTI21

Frank Cubillan

My goal is to fit fitness into your life without you having to change your daily routine.

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3 years helping people achieve their goals.

There is a lot of false information in fitness that ends up killing our spirits because we feel confused by not knowing what to do. 

Here's the real solution!


"Mostrando mis propios resultados y mi vida diaria, le muestro a mis clientes que si se puede y que es facil".
Frank Cubillan
"Tengo 18 años, nunca pense que a esta edad podia ganar masa muscular, gane 14 libras de musculo".
Gabriel David
"Antes era muy dificil para mi mantener la disciplina a la hora de comer, ahora comer saludable es muy facil, he perdido 20 libras".
Audrey Van Saun

The best investment you can make is in yourself!

Having a healthy life becomes a magnet to attract good things into our lives!